Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"I can't get away from myself"

I heard someone laughingly say, "I can't get away from myself." That statement turned on a light switch for me. So many times I think that maybe if I go over here and do this, or talk to this person, or take up this hobby, I will be happy and won't feel so uncomfortable with what state I am currently in. That happiness lasts for a little while but then I am right back down to where I was. I am still me. Whatever it is that is causing this discomfort in me, is still there. No matter what you do or where you go, you can't escape yourself.

Sometimes people think that once they've screwed up enough where they are living, if they move somewhere that no one knows them, they have a chance to wipe their slate clean. This can be true. BUT, it can also be a matter of time before you build up that same life in that town, that you just left behind somewhere else. It's because you're running, from yourself. And yourself, will always be there.

I'm convinced that people who keep finding themselves in the same destructive situations is because they repeat patterns in their lives. They don't change what they do. You can't expect different results if you keep doing what you've always done. It's such a simple truth, but sometimes we miss the simple ones.

Anyone who knows me and has read my writings enough, know that I'm not here to point fingers, but merely enlighten everyone on truths that I find out for myself and ABOUT myself in hopes that they may be able to reach someone else facing the same thing.

I can say this for myself, and I also have friends, who, face themselves, from time to time and get angry. Angry with choices they KEEP making that aren't good for them. I have a running joke with a friend that "I'm a masochist." It's funny, but sadly enough, is true. Why do I, and so many other people out there, put themselves in situations that knowingly hurt them. Why do we follow patterns of destruction and how do we change?

It's easy to blame other people or circumstances, but really, we can avoid these patterns. It takes one action of doing something different to start the journey of change. The journey of change from, "I can't get away from myself".. to "I'm happy with where I'm going."

Everyone has their own shortcomings, weaknesses, and issues. Some may be different than others, and some be the same as yours. We all know what we face daily, weekly, yearly.. even when no one else does. And unless you have walked in someone else's shoe's, it is impossible to judge them for how they handle their life. But there is one thing we all can have in common, and that is doing what is necessary to change unwanted patterns in our lives. It is all about choice. If you are standing in the fire, get out! Don't just stand there and say, "Ahh, this is hot. I wish I wasn't standing in this fire right now. I wish someone would just come get me out of this." No! You just, get out! Walk away.. and realize, really? Was I just standing in that fire for that long when all I had to do was walk away?! Pretty simple, yeah?

I know the areas in my life that I need to clean up, and I know the roads and alleys that I need to avoid. The question is, do you know those areas in your life? Knowing is half the battle, as they say. Doing something about it is the other half. Let's do something!!!


Pamela said...

It is interesting how people process things in their lives. You are right. How one person walks their path may not be the way another person does. I tend to be very pragmatic in my approach to living. A lot of people are not. It would be easy for a pragmatic person to wonder how on earth a person cannot see this. On the other hand a person that is not pragmatic would say that a pragmatic person has no feelings at all. Neither are true. Both are seeing what is needed but walk the walk differently.

I also think about how the Lord speaks to us. Using a mathematical example: The Lord may be trying to communicate 10 to you. The first time He might say 9 + 1 = 10. If we do not understand that the next communication will be 8 + 2 = 10. If we are scratching our heads the next time you may hear 7 + 3 = 10, etc. Point being we are crafted differently and shaped somewhat by our life experiences. All of that influences the decisions we make, good or bad. Regardless we have the capability to walk free if we refuse to stay stuck as you have stated so well.