Friday, November 21, 2008

Don't leave too soon.

I had a dream last night that I was going on a trip with 2 of my close friends. I remember the it was getting dark outside and we weren't supposed to leave until the next day, but I really wanted to leave that night. My mom warned me to wait but I was too stubborn to listen and knew we would be just fine to leave the night before. In result of that we got in a wreck. Although in my dream it was a minor thing like hitting a median and barely scratching my car and no one was hurt, but waking up this morning I sensed the meaning of the dream.

Too many times we get in a hurry about things. Either decisions we feel we need to make right away, or promises for the future that we want to make happen right now! Travis Klingeman said the other night at our young adults group, that he follows 2 guidelines of making a decision. Never do it out of opportunity or frustration. Sometimes a better offer looks good and its obvious what we should pick. But sometimes God has other plans and an attractive easy way can be sent by the enemy. Also, frustration can cause us to make a rash decision out of emotion.

The best thing to do is wait. Be patient. Stand still. Don't move. There is a reason the Bible says that patience is a virtue. We all have the ants in my pants mentality sometimes and want to go go go right now! That is our culture. It's a microwave society. But learn from my grandma who still cooks her soup on the stove and boils water for tea. She refuses to use a microwave. Thats saying two things. She is from the old school and does it the way she always has, and she also thinks, why get in a hurry? The same reason she takes hours to get ready and leave for work just to give herself plenty of time. We should learn from that. There really is no reason to hurry.

So for one thing, be patient. God sees exactly where you are. He hasn't lost sight of you and He knows what you can handle. Also, don't be hastey in decision making. Follow peace. We face decisions to make every single day. Try this little game next time. Give it some time and think before you act. Search for God's voice in all of it. No matter how simple or complex, test your hearing God's voice abilities. I guarantee that His way is much better than anything you could decide!