Friday, November 21, 2008

when and how?..rescued.

Do you ever find yourself doing something where you say, "that's not me." Or, "why did I just do that? It's like I had no control." I find myself getting caught up on those moments very often lately. It's as if I let one thing sway me until one day I stop and look back and wonder how I got so far. It's like dipping your foot in the ocean and testing the waters to see how much more you can handle until finally you become less distracted by what is drawing you further in, and pay attention to why you have been drawn in. That is when you look behind you and realize you are a hundred feet from shore and stuck in the deep end with no floatie!
That is a tactic of the devil. Progressive. A little here and a little there until BAM! There you are. The enemy has no power to make us do anything. All he can do is put thoughts into our minds. If we yield to those thoughts and give into temptation then that is when we get into a mess. He entices us with the things we want, desire, or lust after. If we aren't prepared then we can be swept away and not even realize it. We stay focused on what we want; what looks good, and not on what is right; or where we need to be going.
So many people waste literally years of their lives because of one small harmless enticement they engaged in. Giving in once with no or little consequence only makes it easier to give in again. When you have a heart to do the right thing and follow where God leads, then you can only travel down this "lusts of the flesh" road for so long before it literally begins to eat at you. Weigh you down. Make you miserable. And show you what you are truely missing out on.
As humans we need to be entertained. We need to do things we enjoy and things to make us happy and keep us going. There are a million things thrown at us everyday that appears to be "just what you need" according to society and media. This world has so much to offer... to our flesh. BUT.. the Kingdom of God has more to offer than any earthly thing could fulfill. It's really hard sometimes to stay focused on what lies ahead for us. The important things. God gave us life for a chance to live on this earth and freely do as we please. Make our own choices. Enjoy life! But it is what we do here, or, don't do here, that determines our reward in heaven!
So today, just be encouraged. It's ok to have desires for earthen things. We all do. And if you give in to them, watch out--don't get religous on me-- but that's ok too. That's what grace is there for. God knooooows that we can't do stuff right on our own. We have the adamic nature--the first man Adam. So that is why God provides grace; to substitute our weakness for His strength. The supernatural ability to do what is right and necessary to succeed. And He is willingly waiting every single day to apply more grace to our lives if we ask Him.
I noticed that I was beginning to have false humility or even a portion of pride when it came to that area. I would think, "what's the point of asking for more grace if I know I'm gonna mess up again AND that I even want to mess up again." It doesn't matter. Grace is always there to be activated no matter what! Even if we don't feel worthy or think it's pointless. OR if we think we can fix it on our own. I sometimes feel embarrassed and think that somehow if I try to fix it on my own then I am showing God that I really can do this. Like I'm trying to prove something to Him. Even still, I end up failing. And find myself hurt, confused, and like a failure. Swallow the pride and eat the false humility and just accept that you are nothing without Him and His grace is the only thing that will get you through. After all, we were destined to fail until we became rescued by Jesus and now we have been born again to win!