Friday, November 21, 2008

He really does love us!

I had a really delightful weekend. I decided to take a nice long, hot bath. Thinking about the weekend and some other random things; I was minding my own business. All of a sudden I felt God. He came. He showed up. I began to cry and He began to speak to me. He reached down and touched my heart in the sweetest way. He spoke personal things over me and also something I wanted to share with all of you because what He spoke to me personally, He is saying to every one of us.

He loves us. He really, really loves us. You are his child. His baby. His pride and joy. You were kidnapped by someone so evil and God the Father sent His son. His only son to come down to a sinful world to rescue you. To bring you back home to the family. He weighed all of his options and even factored in the possibility of you not ever accepting Him and recieving His love, but He came anyway. He gave up everything. He sacrificed His very life to save you. To rescue you. To bring you home because His Father loves you, and He loves you.

All He wants is you. You are the most important thing to Him. He waited thousands of years for your existance. Can't you see His excitement to your birth. He delights Himself in you. He knows every little detail about you. And He loves it all. Your weaknesses and your strengths; they don't scare Him. He's God. He made the sunset, the mountains, the rivers and the flowers all for your enjoyment. He made YOU to love Him and to be loved by Him. He made the earth we live on for our enjoyment. What brings us pleasure brings Him so much joy.

He wants to know you here. Here on earth. Christianity is about a relationship with Jesus now. Not just a ticket to heaven and an escape from the pits of hell. The whole reason Jesus died was to not only save you from hell's grasp, but to save you and bring you back to the family from which you come from. What if you were a baby and a horrible killer kidnapped you from your family. You were rescued and someone paid the ultimate price to bring you home and you were so grateful. You cried and rejoiced and was so thankful to be home to the family that loves you. Then, you left and never talked to your family unless you needed something. You would remember every now and then what was done to rescue you, but you would quickly forget and think on other things that were "more important." All along, your dad is sitting in his rocking chair, (for benefit of a visual) and waiting. Waiting for you to come sit on his lap and let him be your dad. Everyone tells him it's hopeless. You aren't going to come home. But He doesn't give up on you. He doesn't care. He's not giving up. And he will wait for years with open arms until you come home and kiss him on the cheek.....

.....That is our God. Our heavenly Father. That is how He is. And even more loving than we can even grasp the concept of. So many of us worry about the gifts and talents we were given. We focus so much on being in the ministry or being used of God and thinking that will fulfill us and that will take the place of God. No way. Not true. Those callings on our lives are a gift for us. God is giving us an opportunity to be used by Him. But it should never replace our personal relationship with Him. If you seek after the gifts and not God then you shall surely fail. Because like I said, our calling is just a gift, not the relationship. All He cares about is you. Only you. He only wants you.

I really hope that you took that and grasped what was said. That was God speaking to me. I had a tiny revelation of His love last night and I pray that you too will have your own experience with Him. =)