Friday, November 21, 2008

Lifes Train.

If the betterment of your life was dependant on one decision, then why would it be so difficult to make it? That is the question wandering in the corridors of my mind these past few weeks. When a way out has been made available to you why not catch the train leaving misery town? Well for me that answer is simply complex. I know, that if, the train makes it to its destination I will have freedom! But if i doesn't, because of a crash, a detour, or it runs out of gas, then I will never make it out of the tunnel and I my next stop will be a worse land of misery. It's fear. Fear of trust. The lack of trust. The pain of trusting in the past and being let down.

Every person in life has let us down in one way or another. Why? Because we aren't perfect. So why not trust the conductor of this train instead of another passenger? He knows where its going and knows where you need to get off. So when you are faced with a decision that will better your life, then don't avoid it because of fear of the unknown. Make it. Jump on the train! It's going fast so be prepared. Once you get on things will never be the same.

In my life, the path has been laid out for me. My boarding ticket is in my hand, my bags are packed, and the train is patiently waiting for me to step on in trust that it will lead me in the right direction. Its all a matter of that one decision. At this point, things have never been made easier for me to board. Life in misery town is becoming less thrilling to me and I want to get out and smell fresh air and see new scenery. My conductor is reaching out his hand and saying, "Take my hand and follow me. You can trust me. I will never lead you astray. I only have the best for you."

Are you living in a misery town? Are there things in your life you know don't need to be there? Are there things that God has told you that you are putting on the top shelf and saving for later, or shoving in the closet to pull out never! Deal with these issues. Make that decision. Life is very very short and I realized it the other day. Don't waste it. It's never too late to start where you are. So join me in jumping on the train of change! Trust. Anything is better than where you are now. And even if you have to take a pit stop and window shop for awhile.. at least you're one step closer to where you wanna be. I'm moving. I'm making my decision. The conductor of my life is Jesus and no longer myself!