Friday, November 21, 2008

Who you really are.

Today I got reminded a little bit of who I am. Sometimes we get lost in our insecurites or flaws and live everyday with that as the image of who we are. It isn't true. Those are simply what they are; flaws. Everyone has them. But that doesn't make you who you are. And I can't stress that enough.

I was talking to a friend about something that I wanted but didn't think I could get it. Maybe that I couldn't afford it, or I wasn't good enough to get it. But a chord struck inside of me when they said, "You have the capacity to get anything you could ever want." I thought that was a pretty bold statement coming from someone who "didn't really know me!" Then I had to ask, how do YOU know I have that capacity? And they said, "Because you are driven, intelligent, and beautiful and that is a viscious combination!" Although it sounds very witty, it really did do something inside of me. If someone else that doesn't know me as well as I know me, can say that, then there is something wrong with the image of myself!

Maybe you need to step back and look at yourself. Look through the mirror into your soul. What are some of the promises that God gave you many years ago. What has He called you to do? What greatness has He given you to fulfill in His kingdom that no one else in the history of man was ever called to do. Just you. You are unique. If you don't do it, then it will never get done. So that right there should be enough to make you feel special and important. What does God's word say about you? That you are "fearfully and wonderfully made..."

So when you are feeling pretty low about yourself. Like a loser. A failure. Not good enough. Maybe, its too late for you. You are too old or too far down the wrong path, it is never ever too late. Never! So this weekend when you are sipping your early Saturday morning coffee, think about this email. Think about who you really are.