Friday, November 21, 2008

I laugh in the face of emotions.

Everything was going wrong. I woke up late. I scurried to the bathroom and stumbled into the shower. I scribbled my makeup on and ratted my hair. I slapped some toothpaste on my teeth and jerked a bottle of water out of the fridge. I ran down the stairs frantically to make it to work on time when I missed the last step and landed right on my back side, breaking my shoe. I was emabarrassed, irritated and frustrated! I walked at a very fast pace to my car and quickly sped out of the parking lot before anyone could see me. I hit every red light, I got behind every slow car, and I got stuck in the gas station parking lot while trying to grab some fruit and call it breakfast. I was late for work and this was not a good morning. Could the day possibly get any worse?

Well it could actually. All that really wasn't that bad. What was bad was the way my emotions reacted to everything. I was irritated, flustered and frustrated. But why do we have to let a bad morning set the course for our entire day? Believe it or not, people do it every single day. They let one small inconvenience and the way it makes them feel, tell them, this is how you are going to feel today. Hmm, I call that being controlled by your emotions. Which is not good. The Bible talks about not being moved by what we see or feel. When we are led by our emotions and not by our spirit that's when we get in trouble.

So I decided to put my emotions in check and not be controlled by them. I will not let a small inconvenience steal my peace and joy today! The Bible speaks of a joy that no one can take away. Because of our free will we choose each day how or day will go and how we let things affect us. If we are not moved by feelings, which goes in concordance to our faith, then why will we let something change our mood? In all things give thanks. So it's a fabulous thing to know that we can have such peace and joy in Christ that we don't have to let anything affect us. The storms can be raging around us and all hell in our lives can be breaking lose, but we still make that decision of how we will react. When we know that unshakeable peace that is available to us through His grace then of course we will pick the good day!! So have a good day and tell your emotions who's boss! :D