Friday, November 21, 2008


I spent the whole weekend conjuring up how I was going to fit my whole weekend experience in one small writing. Through many instances I could think of pages to write on one simple topic. I came to the conclusion of "time".

I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning. Way too early for my only sleep in day of the week, but I felt much opportunity for that day with it being so early. I thought maybe I could pack since I'm moving in a week but that sounded like work, not fun. So the thought popped into my head to travel back home and surprise my family. I couldn't have made a better decision. It would be a good 5 hour drive or so to clear my mind and give a great opportunity to get out of town. I would also get to enjoy the reactions from my family to my appearance. But little did I know it would be a great learning experiece for me by mere observation.

After being a city girl for nearly 5 years now, going back to my roots and trying to muster up memories of living there for my whole life was hard to imagine. I couldn't even believe I lived in a place that was an hour to the nearest mall or McDonalds. I couldn't believe I drove at least 20 minutes each time I wanted to go anywhere. Not to sound "city girl is better than you," but I realized how we can forget where we come from sometimes. We can get soooo wrapped up in our lives and our huge minor problems and not respect or appreciate how we got where we are.

I got to spend time with a big portion of my family this weekend. I sat and watched. I listened. I put myself in everyone of their shoes. Looking at their lives. How they live. What they do in their small towns. Their jobs. Their families. Their happiness. And their ages. Up to this point I never thought I would grow up. I couldn't reach the next years age fast enough in my mind. Now that I am at a decent age where I can appreciate life more something struck me this weekend. No one is getting any younger, and time isn't slowing down. I saw the beauty of my grandma. She's such a radiant woman and has had a long life. Life is short. I think we like to live like we have so much time. We take life for granted and we take advantage of the privilage to live.

It's a scarey thought to think of life ending. No one likes to think about it and I'm not trying to put a damper on things. What I am trying to do is maybe let us all take a look at our lives. Step back and appreciate your family. Spend some time if you can just watching them. Taking in everything. A good 80-90 years of life sounds like a long time but it really isn't. Don't get so caught up in yourself where you can't learn something from someone older or even younger than you. Everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach. Enjoy the company of someone else. Compromise your interests for someone elses for a minute. If you like rap music but your mom likes country, then endure it to make her happy. Buy your uncle lunch one day. Wash your grandma's car. Time is too short to waste it on yourself.

So for me, taking a road trip on a whim was just what I needed to get out of town, refocus on my life, appreciate nature's beauty and the bond of a family. Don't waste time on the superficial things